Weekly Roundup – Exciting News from F1 -5th Aug

Weekly Roundup – Exciting News from F1 -5th Aug

One week into the summer break, in this edition of Weekly Roundup, the F1 silly season is making all the headlines. You can read all the updates here. But in this section, we look into the other news that are read worthy.

F1 2022 Game – Weekly Roundup

Cross-platform play is coming to F1 22 this month beginning with two open-to-the-public tests over the next two weekends, with full integration coming at the end of August.

Cross-platform multiplayer was intended to be a launch feature when F1 22 hit shelves on July 1, but that was delayed because a contractor in Ukraine is handling the feature for U.K.-based Codemasters. Cross-platform multiplayer has been long requested by the F1 video game community, and Codemasters brought it to its two most recent non-F1 games, Dirt 5 and Grid Legends.

Vettel has job offers from F1 Teams

In the next news of this weeks Weekly Roundup it is Sebastian Vettel.

After announcing retirement and blowing up the F1 silly season, Sebastian Vettel has job offers from many avenues in F1.

Many speculates that Vettel’s new F1 role could be related to his recent activism in the area of environmentalism, sustainability and social progress. Vettel made his point clear by running his 1992 Williams, and even a 1922 Aston Martin, at recent grands prix with CO2-free fuel. I will definitely experience environmentally-friendly fuel in Formula 1 during my lifetime,” he predicted.

Vettel might be an ambassador for Carbon Neutral F1 2026. Interested in Synthetic fuels in F1 click here.

Phil Prew is going to Redbull

Red Bull have further added to their Powertrains division by recruiting Phil Prew, a well-respected chief engineer at Mercedes.

“All the key players are now in place,” Horner told media, over the Hungarian Grand Prix weekend.

“We’ve got our management structure in place, and obviously they’re hard at work on what will be – hopefully soon to be confirmed – 2026 regulations.”

Alex Albon is Funny Man

One of the most popular pieces of content they produce is an ‘AMA’, or Ask Me Anything. Some big names on the grid have taken part in these over the last few years, like Lando Norris, Pierre Gasly, Valtteri Bottas.

Alex during the AMA was candid and was funny as hell. Some of the answers were down right hilarious.

Weekly Roundup
Experts from AMA in F1 subReddit | Weekly Roundup

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