Austrian Gp 2022, Is it gonna be Super Wet Again?

Austrian Gp 2022, Is it gonna be Super Wet Again?

Austrian Gp 2022, Round 11 of the Formula One World Championship is likely to be Wet. It seems Formula one is taking the rain wherever it goes. With the new floor scandal slowly brewing, it is going to be an interesting weekend for these developments. Will Redbull be the quickest car? or does Ferrari has something up its sleeve. In this section, we look into all that is to know about the Austrian Gp Race Weekend.

History of Austrian Gp

Located among the fantastic Styrian mountains, the Redbull Ring has been hosting Grand Prix on and off since the 1970s. This layout of the circuit is the result of Hermann Tilke who made the circuit shorter and more modern, after the purchase by Redbull in 1995-996. It was homologated by FIA as a grade ‘A’ circuit. Bernie Ecclestone canceled the contract for the race in 2004 because the Austrian government-supported anti-tobacco legislation in the European Union and was back on the calendar in 2014.

Austrian Gp 2022
Redbull Ring | Austrian Gp | Credits:

Track in Redbull Ring

With the length of 4.318 Km, the track’s first half rewards power, as the cars blast along three straights separated by a pair of uphill right-handers. Carlos Sainz holds the lap record in 2020 McLaren. A special feature of this racetrack is the difference in altitude (maximum uphill slope of 12 %, maximum downhill slope of 9.3 %). Starting from the 2017 Austrian Grand Prix, the kink after Turn 1 was recognized as Turn 2 by the FIA after MotoGP described it as Turn 2 during their races in Austria. And the first turn was renamed Niki Lauda Kurve in 2019. Styrian Gp will host fans for the first time after the pandemic in 2020.

Expectations in Austrian Gp

Redbull is an absolute favorite as we head into the Austrian Gp

Timings of Austrian Gp

Austrian Gp 2022
Schedule for Austrian Gp 2022 | Credits:

Weather Predictions

Screenshot 2022 07 06 at 7.04.16 PM
Weather for Austrian Gp 2022 | Credits:

Race tracks don’t come much more picturesque than the Red Bull Ring, set in an idyllic natural bowl in the Styrian mountains. That makes for a pleasant environment for a Grand Prix. While the battle for the lead will not be as pleasant as the location, a rain-soaked F1 is just what is needed to pour more gasoline into this Championship.


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