Weekly Roundup – Exciting F1 News from Last week – May 29th -2021.

Weekly Roundup – Exciting F1 News from Last week – May 29th -2021.

In this edition of Weekly Roundup, we discuss the news and events in Formula 1 for the week ending May 29th, 2021.

Baku Favourites

As the First news of this week’s Weekly Roundup we have Baku.

With the race to the championship neck and neck after the Monaco Gp win for Max. He expects a strong comeback from Mercedes as they are the Baku Favourites. Max was reported saying “The track is okay but probably not a favorite of mine if I’m honest. I’ve never been on the podium there so it’s time to change that. Let’s see how competitive we are, I do expect Mercedes to come back strong there though.”

A Time Lapse of Baku Circuit Paddock.

War of Words

There is a war of words in the Paddock between Mercedes and Redbull is turning heads and feels silly at this point for many. Though the drivers are not playing these games Lewis Hamilton says he is not looking to play mind games with Formula 1 title rival Max Verstappen, believing it can “get a bit childish” entering a war of words. But Toto and Horner with Helmut Marco thrown in for extra spice are generating more content for the Netflix Crew and to Weekly Roundup too.

Weekly Roundup – Exciting F1 News from Last week – May 29th -2021.
Max and Hamilton after the race: | Source Motorsport.com

Stroll Meme’s in Weekly Roundup

On his way out of the pit lane, Aston Martin’s Sebastian Vettel went wheel-to-wheel with Pierre Gasly, but we only got to see part of the battle as the cameras showed a replay of Lance Stroll going over the curb at the Swimming Pool. The Internet is awash with these memes quickly. Instagram F1 and F1 Twitter were blowing up. But it was Youtube who took the crown with some fantastic content of Lance Stroll Meme Interrupts.

Lance Stroll Kerbs Replay Meme | F1 Meme Compilation | Source: The Friendly Kurniawan

Ocon’s Engineers

Ocon believes that Alpine has formed an Excellent team on his side of the Garage aiding to his impressive debut of the F1 2021 season. Outshining Fernando Alonso in every race and picking up points in Four out of Five races of this year. He was quoted saying “We are making an excellent team altogether, which is motivated, young, and hungry for the same aim as we have, which is performing, extracting, and doing the best we can with what we have in hands”

Esteban Ocon, Alpine A521
Esteban Ocon | Alpine A521 | Source : Motorsport Images

Special Tyres and Rules

And as a final news of Weekly Roundup we have Fernando Alonso.

After another processional Monaco Gp last week, the debate is on how over how it can be improved. Alonso was quoted saying ” Probably there is something that the sport needs to study deeper for these street circuits, Maybe have a very specific tire that is not available in any other circuit, it’s just for this kind of street. Maybe special rules for special races are needed”

As we head into Race Week for the exciting Azerbaijan Gp stay tuned and stay connected for further updates.


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