Monaco Gp 2021 –  F1 returns to the world famous streets of the Monaco-Race Preview.

Monaco Gp 2021 – F1 returns to the world famous streets of the Monaco-Race Preview.

As we head to into the Monaco Gp 2021, the title battle is well and truly on. In this pre Race preview, we look into the circuit and expectations that make this Monaco Gp track iconic.

The History

These are streets of Monte Carlo famous for the opulence and grandeur it is super and luxury car territory. When some rich people fancied a race they brought motor racing to the streets. It was 1929 when the engine first vroomed through the streets of Monaco.

The cigarette manufacturer Antony Noghes decided to organize a race with his pals from the Automobile Club de Monaco. The race was part of the calendar in the first year of the Formula 1 World Championship in 1950 and hasn’t been off it since 1955 and 2019.

The Circuit

The 3.337 km long circuit is like driving in a crowded barricaded street at 200 km/hour. The Margin for error is absolutely zero. Since there needs to millimeter accuracy for a good lap time the accidents are aplenty. Rather spectacular in some cases.
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Pole here is so important since passing here is quite literally impossible in most circumstances. Assuming you can’t get into one of the overhanging apartment blocks around the circuit (or onto a boat) shoot for anything from Grandstands L to P, which is clustered around the Swimming Pool section of the track, and where drivers hurl their cars through the tight chicane at 200km/h.

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Drivers on Monaco Track

For many Formula 1 drivers, it’s their effective home circuit, too, with many opting to live in the principality but only one man will lift the trophy after 78 laps on Sunday afternoon. Some thoughts are as follows

Daniel Ricciardo: “Monaco GP is my favorite race of the year because it creates the most adrenaline and excitement. The circuit is insane; I don’t want to say that we shouldn’t race cars on it because we should and it’s the best thing ever, but it’s crazy to think we race around the streets so close to the walls as we do.

Sergio Perez: “The reason I like Monaco GP so much is that it’s not easy. It’s a massive challenge and it’s always a tough race. Every lap you are under pressure. There is no chance to relax

Nelson Piquet memorably described driving around Monaco as “like riding a bicycle around your living room” which is fair.

Charles Leclerc: He lives there “It’s my dream to race in formula one. I know the circuit it’s tricky”

Expectations for 2021

Redbull expects to win this Monaco GP and they must stay on top of it. Toto in the recent briefing said that Redbull is the team to beat in Monaco Gp 2021.

Max has everything to prove here since the last two outings weren’t favorable. Max is known to make mistakes in the track. Will he prove us wrong? Sergio has to prove his worth. Horner expects Sergio to play the team game like Bottas.

Ricciardo and Leclerc are especially on the watch list as the two are known to shine here. This also spices up the Ferrari-Mclaren battle for the 3rd in Constructors championship. Mclaren if played right have also a chance to secure 2nd spot since Max is the only smoking gun. But this is a highly unlikely situation, but then F1 is unlikely.

The Alpine of Esteban Ocon, is also a good watch as he excels in this type of circuit. But experience is the key. This make the veterans like Vettel, Alonso and Kimi to play catch up.

The Rookies are the ones to watch as this Monaco Gp track will weed out the weak ones. Mazepin is staring at the barrel for quite a long time. Yuki says that he counting on his is Macau GP experience for this Monaco Gp. Williams as a team is going into its 750th Gp. Watch the Tear-jerking Origins of Williams in this Video.

Weather for the Weekend

May be an image of text that says "May 21-23, 2021 Circuit de Monaco Formula 1 Monaco Grand Prix ப FRIDAY M RAC ECAST K IMPACT: None IMPACT: None Clear and calm IMPACT: None Clear and calm Clear and gust winds for the afternoon 14 19 WIND: SW 10-16 km/h 12 18 WIND: SW -14 km/h Forecast: Harris Cooley @GratefulWeather) 5/17/2021 o: Photo: 15 17 WIND: SE 10km/h RacecastWx @RacecastWx RacecastWeather"
Credits: @RacecastWx

The weather may be Calm and Clear but the racing cars through the streets won’t be any calm or clear.

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