Weekend Round-Up (April 2nd, 2021)

Weekend Round-Up (April 2nd, 2021)

In this edition of Weekend Round-Up we discuss the Top News in the world of Formula 1.

Surprise Surprise

After the Racing point debacle of 2020, the FIA announced surprise checks at the end of each race. Regulation compliance, Softwares, and parts are included in this test along with articles 14.3 and 25.5.

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Sandwich Wrapper

Next in Weekend Round-Up, we see Fernando Alonso’s race that lasted 32 laps, citing debris in the brake duct. Further analysis showed that a sandwich wrapper has logged into the brake duct. Littering is bad in all forms I guess.

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Familiar Face

Nico Hulkenberg, aka the Hulk, is in the paddock as a reserve driver for not one but two teams. With the second wave coming fast will he get a chance to prove himself in again for a return in 2022.

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Familiar Bet

Daniel Ricciardo this year’s wager is a bit dull, to be honest. No Tattoos, in-turn he will drive “NASCAR ROYALTY” owned by Zac Brown if he is on the podium this season. Mclaren also revealed that Daniel’s car suffered floor damage after his contact with Gasly in the opening laps of Bahrain GP.

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Rally Royalty

Franco Xavier the new Technical Director for the Williams F1 team. Called Fx, he is a through bread as rally terms go. His arrival in the team will give a big boost to the team plans for 2022.

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Losing Chicane

Finally, in the last news of Weekend Round-Up, Albert Park is making changes. They are losing chicane and widening the circuit at places in turn improving lap times by 5 secs. Approved by both FIA and The Victorian government construction on the track is in full swing. Ricciardo is happy and confident in this change and he expects a cracker race.

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Weekend Round-Up
Albert Park Revised | Credits @ f1.com

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