Weekly Round-Up – Latest F1 News from Last week.

Weekly Round-Up – Latest F1 News from Last week.

In this edition of Weekly Round-Up we discuss the news and events in the Formula 1 for the week ending April 10th.

Alpine Upgrades

Alpine is bringing decent upgrade packages to the car in the upcoming Italian Grand Prix, said the teams executive director Marcin Budkowski and the upgrade stream will keep coming for the first few races as well. He also acknowledged that the team is lacking three tenths to the fight.

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Marko’s Comment

Redbull Advisor, Dr. Helmut Marko suggested that Sebastian Vettel should have taken a year off in F1 to let go of the troubles he has in focusing and delivering. Vettel is on a downward spiral since he moved to Ferrari and the move to Aston Martin is not yielding results either.

With Nico Hulkenberg reserve driver confirmation for Aston is confirmed, Vettel has a lot to worry about.

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Codemaster F1 2021

The F1 2021 Sim racing game is all set to be released on July 16th, 2021 according to the leaks and threads in Reddit, the game has a Full F2 Season, 2 player Career mode, Invitational races, and a whopping 10-year career mode from the journey in F2 to F1. The Creator of Weekly Round-Up aka me is excited beyond words for it.

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Insight into TOTO

Mercedes Team principal Toto on an interview was pumped and fired. Speaking about his early driving career, his family, his time in F1 and Mercedes, Toto went on to throw comments about Zack and Horner. He also added that some people have lost his permanent respect in the Paddock as well.

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Love for Leclerc

The Ferrari driver has a special delivery yesterday morning. It was his race-winning Italian GP Ferrari of 2019. The moment a red car won in Monza, the Tifosi cracked the heavens open. Winning Races makes you a champion. Winning in Monza on a Red Ferrari Suit you become GOD.

Weekly Round-Up
The 2019 Italian-GP Race Winner.

Reaching the Top and not Staying there.

In the last news of this edition of Weekly Round-Up, Mercedes found another hair in the soup rather than a frog I would say as they are seeing two prominent key roles leaving in a single year. Yesterday it announced Technical Director James Allison is stepping down and Mike Elliot taking over. James Allison one of the top minds, if not the best in the paddock, his departure will have a short-term impact on Mercedes for sure.

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Updated : April 10th 10:42am, IST

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