Mexican Gp – The Battle of Heights

Mexican Gp – The Battle of Heights

Mexican Gp is on like donkey kong. The fantastic Autodromo Hermanos Rodriguez, F1 track named after the Rodriguez brothers who raced in F1 in the ’60s has seen many battles but none more important the F1 2021 title fight. In this section, we look into the characteristics, the altitude equation and a lot more.

Mexican Gp Circuit

Built in 1959, raced first in 1962 the Mexican Gp F1 track is situated 2000 meters above sea level. This means the air is thinner so the drag is lower so the cars can achieve top speed easily but since the air is less dense more air is required to cool the brakes and the car.

The cars generally run hotter and this has proven to be a tough ask for the engineering department many times. It’s the character of the Mexican Gp circuit and this is what mixes the bag. The Circuit was renovated in 2014 and inducted back to the calendar in 2015. Since 2015 until now was a Mercedes Dominant era, and being in the tail half of the calendar. there weren’t many battles that enthralled the crowd.

Many times it has seen Championship won there and many a time races which are after the championship has decided but this year it is going to be different. 2 DRS zones, one on the main straight and one on the back straight, panning 4.3 km long this year it is going to be thrilling 71 laps.

Mexican Gp - The Battle of Heights
The Layout of Mexican Gp Circuit |Credits:

The best place to be in the circuit is in the Stadium section, Many circuits have tracks and then galleries built around them. The Gallery was already there they built a track through it. A colosseum effect race where the matadors chase and the spectator’s roar.

Mexican Gp - The Battle of Heights
The Stadium Section in Mexican Gp | Credits:

The Rebuild happened a month or two before because the Mexican Gp F1 circuits were used as a hospital during the pandemic, helping the crumbling health care system in Mexico.

Heavy Expectations

Nico Rosberg won the 2015 Gp, followed by Lewis Hamilton in years 2016 and 2019, Max Verstappen won here twice in 2017 and 2018. Redbull has won two times and Mercedes has won 3 times over the years. But Honda has won 4 times on this track from its inception in 1962.

With only 12 points separating the top two and Rebull the clear favourites in terms of track and car specs it is going to be enthralling. God, I am running out of adjectives. Ferrari and Mclaren battled have hotted up after the engine upgrade for Ferrari after in the Turkish Gp. Ferrari is much better poised but Mclaren is gaining momentum.

Mercedes is battling engine reliability issues, and Bottas is on the sixth ICE, Mercedes might take another ICE for Lewis in the Mexican Gp and then use Bottas in the front to top Max from getting ahead as they did in Turkey. Redbull had setup issues in Turkey. Max has to get another two wins to run away with the Drivers championship.

Further down the order, since the Andretti and Alfa deal is off the table now, Antonio Giovanzzi will do everything to prove his worth but zhou has investment backing and the announcement is expected by the Brazil weekend. Alpha and Alpine are tugging along for points all season. Both teams running some terrible reliability issues.

Weather Forecast for Mexican Gp

The weather is said to be around 23 degrees Celsius, with wind reaching speeds of 15 km/h. While humidity is at 39%, the probability of precipitation is at 25%.

The chances of rain are slim and there is plenty of sunshine to play around with. With the Asian and European crowd sleep schedule gone for a toss in Austin, Mexican Gp is no different.

Mexican Gp - The Battle of Heights
Timings of Mexican Gp Weekend | Credits:

With Perez home crowd in the forte, Rebull will be pumped up for a win here, or a double podium. The fact that he is now part of a championship-contending team, it wouldn’t be a shock even if the entire population of Mexico swarms in and around the circuit on Sunday next week.


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