Why do Some Fans Hate Lewis Hamilton?

Why do Some Fans Hate Lewis Hamilton?

Lewis Hamilton, 7 times World Drivers Champion, is an impeccable talent with many records to his name. Yet many a time people question his ability, arguments about the machinery benefitting him. Anyone who thinks Lewis is not talented is just wrong. He is one of the most successful people in the history of Formula One, but why do we hate successful people, why do we hate monopoly. This article very loosely tries to describe it psychology behind this hate.


We all have haters and people we hate. Successful people are good at attracting hate because every hero needs a villain that’s why there are as many fans as there are haters. Criticism is self-hatred pointed outwards. Fear and jealousy are also contributing factors. Hate sells and negativity brings attention.

People always need a feel-good factor story. The underdog Nico winning in 2016 gave us thrill beyond bounds. But if you are a Lewis Hamitlon fan, you often find yourself defending his talent. Our Psychology is so screwed that we doubt the talent of a 7-time world champion. We crave adrenalin, we crave change in life and if we don’t get it we need someone to blame it on. Mercedes and Lewis Hamilton are in the very spot. People don’t hate Lewis Hamilton or Mercedes, People hate that they were winners.

When there is a Demon portrayal, there needs to be a Demon Slayer Portrayal as well. Max Verstappen is playing that part. Max doesn’t think that he is a demon slayer, he always plays situation down even when people flare it up. Remember the press conference after the Silverstone incident where he said the reporter to simply fuck off and move on! I remember the outpour in Twitter and Facebook and the group admins have to intervene and put an end to it.

Lewis Hamilton
Lewis Hamilton | Credits: Wired UK

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Lewis Hamilton Car Equation

Lewis Hamilton had a good car, that why he is winning is an argument that has no merits. Many people still believe that Lewis Hamilton is nowhere in the likes of Schumacher, Alonso or Vettel. Sometimes he is also compared inferior to Max Verstappen. Max Verstappen is a superb driver no doubt but comparing these two in terms of skill is a whole other argument.

They have never raced in the same car, so how can you know the argument to be accurate. Take Bottas who has similar machinery, but struggling with the craft, he is quick but can he defend like Lewis Hamilton, Sergio or Alonso. The car and the talent are different. Every who knows F1 will tell you the same. Man and Machine working in harmony is what keeps the sport going.

W12 of Lewis Hamiton

Once a Fan of Lewis Hamilton Argument

So I was one of Lewis biggest fans in his early days, he was Ballsy and fearless and seemed to have a huge number of unfair decisions go against him for daring to compete against certain more-established teams and drivers. He was a breath of fresh air he was there to win and didn’t give a damn who knew it.

Now though I am a bit jaded with him, not his talent, that’s unmistakable and I have full respect for it as a 7 times World Champion, I cheered him for most of them. You might even argue it’ll be a long time before anyone else does that. If it weren’t for Max and George waiting in the wings.

This ‘holier than though’ ‘elder statesman of the sport’ persona Lewis tries to portray in the media though, is just a bit tiresome particularly when we can all see and hear him lose his s/!t on the radio now, every time a tyre starts to get a bit worn, or another driver puts him under a bit of competitive pressure.

Loving this season with Max as a real competitor to him and I can’t wait for next season with Russell in the other Merc. But I fear we’re going to see echoes of a petulant Alonso in the MacLaren days when the young upstart was upsetting the no.1 drivers esteem of their ‘rightful place in the team.. especially when George starts to split the British fan base.

Keith McElrea , a Former Lewis Fan.

Personal Account

Millennials and Genz has a crooked definition of hate, These days, any form of criticism is labelled as “hate”. If you say Taylor Swift is a bad singer, you’re a hater. If you say hip hop sucks, you’re a hater. you reserve the word “hate” for truly despicable criminals. So, it makes sense to say “I hate Trump or “I hate Putin”. But not “I hate Lewis Hamilton”.

Some say Lewis is arrogant, but which driver isn’t. For winning in Formula One, a cut-throat sport you have to have a certain amount of measured arrogance in the sport. For me personally, though team radio and the interview after Nico won in 2016 was for want of a better word arrogant.

Lewis Interview after Nico Won in 2016 | Credits: Youtube

The Irony is that refusing to play the team game, Hamilton had many team game favours over the years. Another sore thought is when Hamitlon did not show up in the Silverstone F1 50th Anniversary Parade that for me is personally insulting as I was there to see him paid 400 Quid for the seat to see the parade but no Lewis.

He has now is mended his ways after a copious amount of PR. I believe that lot of F1 Fans are quite unfair towards Lewis, he has a lot more dislikes than any other driver on the grid. And what I like about Lewis is that he soaked all of it and came out stronger. He speaks his mind and does a PR stunt on Instagram the next day, but history will be kinder to Lewis.


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