Will McLaren Racing knock Red-Bull’s door?

Will McLaren Racing knock Red-Bull’s door?

The Midfield battle is been lit on fire with the first launch of McLaren contender for 2021. The first launch of the season is been expected for some time since the extended season of 2020 .With UK being the hotspot for covid variants getting the car out of for testing  is a great achievement on its own.

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McLaren Team

Developed under the guidance of James Key, the major changes are internal than external. Externally there are fins, barge boards, subtle front nose changes that make the car more aerodynamically stable. McLaren has moved from Renault engine to the new Mercedes power unit in 2021, so a new engine means new gear box and new chassis for MCL35M. James key on his briefing pointed the power of the Mercedes unit last season but also went on to say that there’s very little separating the any F1 engine in terms of the performance.

2021 McLaren design changes: how it compares to last year's F1 car - Motor  Sport Magazine
McLaren Racing MCL35M Explained. Credits: Motor Sport Magazine.

The Car

So by his theory one can derive that the key lies in the aero performance and the whole package installation. The teams who can extract a last bit performance from the engine will have the upper hand. Sticking to the homologation rules are going to be tricky. With a strong 3rd place in Constructors Championship in 2020 , Zak brown want the gap to the top teams is to be reduced. Since the McLaren put out a video of the engine commencement procedure in Jan this year expectations are running high. But rest ensured we are going to have a fantastic curtain opener in Bahrain nevertheless.