The Beautiful Mind of Valtteri Bottas Now !

The Beautiful Mind of Valtteri Bottas Now !

Valtteri Bottas has been a point of discussion after Russian Gp, Mexico Gp and many other races. He has been in the receiving end of criticism for being defending poorly and not helping Hamilton. But if I were in Botta’s position right now all I can think about is how to show a middle finger to Mercedes and Toto. Let me explain.

Valtteri Bottas on Merit

After being drafted to Williams in 2013 Bottas first season, he was outperforming the car in 2014 with multiple podiums and finished 4th in the driver’s championship that year and though the car was a dumpster in 2015 he still finished 5th in the driver’s championship beating Felipe Massa for the second consecutive year. Out Qualified his teammate 17-4 throughout 2016.

Comparing this to George Russel, who has debuted in 2019 got his maiden pole in 2021 due to unforeseen circumstances is being praised by British media like he is lord himself. I am a big fan of George Russell but the welcome he is getting in comparison to Valtteri Bottas is striking.

Valtteri Bottas
Valtteri Bottas has admitted he thought of retiring after being ordered to give the win to Hamilton at Sochi ’18

For a man, who helped Mercedes to win Four Team Championship, the comment from Lewis Hamitlon and Totto Wolff during the Mexican Gp squabble is just disgusting! and a PR stunt followed the next day and his team is quick to follow suit. Valtteri couldn’t care less.

Lewis Hamiton after Critzing Valtteri Bottas

Though time and time again, Bottas was a fantastic qualifier and team player putting Hamilton’s need in front of his almost every time. He was given an extension for one year in 2020 and Valtteri decided he was having none of it.

For a driver to be in a championship-winning car and not to compete for a championship is the worst feeling and it eats you inside. Valtteri Bottas was patient for a long unnecessary time but he has nowhere to go. Mercedes was dominant at that time and he probably would have thought staying in Mercedes is the only way to have a shot at his championship.

Bottas should have done what Nico Rosberg did to Hamilton and fucked him right over. But then he wouldn’t be without a drive. We personally have been in many situations to put our heart and soul to one thing and come out to another side with less respect than we deserve.

Recent Interview

We agreed. It was not like he told me. I had decided myself that if I can’t get two years or more with Mercedes, I’m definitely going to go for something new,

It was a simple question of can he offer me two years or more? And he said, no he can’t, at this moment and then it was quite easy.”

Valtteri Bottas on Mercedes Contract

Listen to the full episode here

What can he do from here

Valtteri Bottas, career is hanging in the balance now, but it’s his best shot since there is a big regulation change next year. His mindset and his respect and his pride will be back on track and he can improve the team to be a successful and respected competition.

It would be a completely new chapter in the career and I think your mental approach is gonna be different, [you] most likely wouldn’t be fighting for the wins and the title at least in the beginning. So it would be a new project. On the other hand, that could be also very interesting.

Valtteri Bottas on Racing Next year

Let’s hope Valtteri Bottas is treated with the respect he deserves at Alfa Romeo !!! Farwell Champ !!!


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