Redbull Racing ,Will they win the driver’s title this year with RB16b?

Redbull Racing ,Will they win the driver’s title this year with RB16b?

Redbull Racing Team

Redbull Racing’s RB16b predecessor to RB-16 has sent the technical world searching for the magnifying glasses for the last 24 hours. Since there is no technical presentation for the launch much of the information remains a secret. Redbull Racing finished a distant second in 2020 championships, but the last win of the season to Max is a morale booster for the team. All along 2020 Max was driving very lonely with Alex’s pace woefully behind Max’s .

Alex woes I think and it’s a personal opinion is because of the unfamiliarity of the car, the max centric team might be the cases but the main point of Alex woes is that there were no improvements even marginal. Sergio Perez the 2nd non-academy driver for red bull next to Mark Webber has something of a challenge to win. Alex, Pierre are to great drivers but they weren’t able to thrive in a max centric team.

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The Redbull Racing Rb16b championship contender
The Redbull Racing RB16b Championship Contender.

The Car

The RB16 was a difficult car to drive it was twitchy at low speeds difficult to handle. The nose cone changes to the max’s car and old nose in Alex’s car the whole transition was messy. Judging by the photos at different angle the overall philosophy of the car design as with the other manufacturers is the same old bits new engine bring whatever fits theory. This is due to the screwed timeline and the elongated 2020 season. The barge board design has changed and the downforce lost is to be compensated by a array of fins in the bottom front section of the nose. The nose is new with the familiar broader winglets.

Redbull Racing Expectations

Knock Knock who’s there, Red bull (a joke from behind Mercedes door) is a one-liner. With Ferrari’s gap deficit to front runners are still huge the main agenda is to reduce the gap to the almighty Mercedes and if close enough win it even. Will Honda have a last hurrah? Will this be the year that Red bull is on the top step? Will the wingman to Max perform up to the challenge. Stay tuned.