New Porpoising F1 Regulation Postponed!

New Porpoising F1 Regulation Postponed!

New Porpoising F1 regulations implementation has been postponed to Belgium Gp and 3 % added to the cost cap of 140 Million dollars. In this section, we look into all the important decisions that are made in the FIA meeting held yesterday and their impact.

Budget cap Issue

The meeting and members recognized the unexpected increase of costs incurred by teams in 2022 thereby permitting indexation at a limited rate of 3.1% (which takes into account the original 3% inflation threshold already set out in the regulations) and permitting compounding of this rate as from 2023. This will preserve the long-term integrity of the Financial Regulations.

Porpoising F1
Discussions of the F1 Team bosses with FIA on Porpoising F1 and other issues | Credits: FIA

Pre Season Testing

Pre Season Testing may take place outside Europe this time too and might be just four days before the event of the championship. Regulation changes are accepted in regards to this for F1 2023 season. It might raise the question of when does the f1 season start?

Weekend Schedule

“One of the principal purposes of the 2022 event format has been to allow some personnel to arrive later, thus reducing the workload on operational staff. To a large extent, this has been a success, and after the first half of the season, several areas for improvement have been identified – specifically about the parc fermé timings after qualifying” said the press release. This might make f1 news

Porpoising F1 Issue

There was a discussion regarding the draft Technical Directive that addresses safety concerns relating to the vertical oscillation of the cars (also referred to as porpoising F1). All the teams involved specifically Ferrari and Rebull said to the committee that it needs time to implement these changes to the plank and skid assemblies for porpoising f1 issues.

Porpoising F1
Planks and Underside of F1 2022 | Porpoising F1 Regulations

So it was decided to postpone the implementation of the f1 porpoising rule change with effect from Belgium Gp which is after the summer break. This has many implications they can go back to the drawing board and say redo the planks and use the wind tunnel to test to not reduce performance.

The enhanced controls by the FIA introduced as from the Canadian Grand Prix will continue and several proposed actions to address this issue in the 2023 Technical Regulations were also discussed, with clear directions to be taken to the Technical Advisory Committee. 

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2026 Engine

The final point of discussion is the 2026 engine and it was confirmed that the package regulations of the engine are close to finalization. It may give new players like Porsche and Volkswagen to develop for 2026 encouraging the new player’s entry into F1.


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