Powerful Scarlet Red Ferrari or a Powerless Mid Tier Ferrari

Powerful Scarlet Red Ferrari or a Powerless Mid Tier Ferrari

The 2020 Season.

It was a season to forget, but it has etched deep doubts into the Tifosi. Ferrari woes started in the winter of 2019 season when the FIA has found engine irregularities. They have reached a settlement under closed doors with FIA which left most of the teams fuming underneath. With the 1000th race in 2020, it did everything it can to increase the performance of that woeful engine but no amount of budget and no amount of technical mastery can revive the engine to its form. Monza the Ferrari town in Italy was painted white and black by Gasly winning it. To put it in context “ It was the second-best Italian team in the grid” and it was a catastrophe nonetheless. 

Ferrari Team. 

Mattia Binoto, a veteran of the team, is under immense pressure since the scandal broke out. Rumors are still in the air that he is going to be replaced and he will join the board of the FIA. Is it one of the many tactics that Mattia has? If history has any suggestion Ferrari is known to play these tricks but it was long back and bias isn’t an issue in F1. Will Abrivene be back. The team needs another Stefano Domenicali and the repeat of 2008. The young drivers Charles and Sainz have everything to prove to the world that they are world champion material. They have to realistic on their expectations from the team and should be each other wingman sans their ego. 

Ferrari Car. 

On March 10th 47 years ago, Schumacher debuted for Ferrari on the same day. It was the start of an epic relationship. The SF21 is launched on the same day. Most people in the live stream hate the green in the livery but personally, it’s not bad. The technical team explained that everything in this car is new. Engine, transmission, and suspension, and it’s very less transitioned. But the budget cap and the frozen regulations of 2021 its highly unlikely to be all new components. The team expects the car to be competitive but they also are parallelly developing for the engine in 2022 and says it will be running in the car in the later part of 2021. Read about Ferrari’s sister team here.

Ferrari's Championship Contender The SF21.
Ferrari’s Championship Contender The SF21

Ferrari’s Expectations. 

Expectations from the fans are simple and clear. Ferrari has to be in the top fighting for podiums rather than fighting to get into Q3. They need to up their strategy game in the race and think on their feet. Ferrari has to win a championship in 3 years time or they will face the same fate as Williams now. With 17 days to the first race and drivers already on the way to Bahrain for testing the F1 2021 is truly on. Realistically i would put them on 3rd or 4th in the championship for 2021 and praying all the Italian horses to prove me wrong.