Hungarian Gp – Unexpected Updates from Aston Martin start Controversy!

Hungarian Gp – Unexpected Updates from Aston Martin start Controversy!

Hungarian Gp 2022 is on and we saw some unexpected updates from Aston Martin, expected updates from Haas and top teams chasing marginal gains on each other, and Mercedes are chasing them even more. In this section, we look into all the above and how they will affect the performance of these teams in Hungarian Gp.

The Expectation in Hungarian Gp

The Expectations are one thing and one thing only will Ferrari have a clean weekend. After the misfortunes in the last two races, they need both drivers on the podium. Though the strategy calls can be commented on; on various grounds, Ferrari is a team that is a proven winner. They have all the pedigree to sort this mess out.

Mercedes after a double podium in the French Gp will be looking to continue the momentum but if Ferrari and Redbull have a straightforward weekend the best they can aim at is 4th and 5th. The Alpine and Mclaren battle has gained attention. Alonso is the driving force behind Alpine, and Daniel Ricciardo is the losing force behind Mclaren. Let’s see how this develops.

The Ferrari of HAAS F1

Haas is getting the only upgrade for this season this Hungarian Gp and it will be only on Kevin’s car. Is it due to a budget deficit or time deficit? Time will tell. Can you see them fighting in the top 10 in this Hungarian Gp?

On Friday the car was seen for the first time and immediately questions started flying around “Is it a Ferrari carbon copy?” Gunther quickly explained that the design cues are from Ferrari but it is a different car altogether. ” “It would be mad not to go down the Ferrari route” he added.

Hungarian Gp
The Haas Upgrades for Hungarian Gp 2022 | Credits:

Pictures of New Upgraded Haas Click Here

Mercedes in Hungarian Gp

Mercedes are chasing further gains in the weekend. They are realistically +0.2 to +0.4 sec out of place from the top two teams. This weekend apart from the rear wing config for the race, a slot in the Halo is added to send more are to the rear of the car to improve airflow thus reducing the Mercedes Achilles heal of warming the tires.

Hungarian Gp
Mercedes Split Halo for the Hungarian Gp 2022 | Credits: Twitter

But Here comes Aston Martin

We have to assume that this is fully compliant with the rules, although that doesn’t mean that the design has to match the intent. Aston Martin is trying to go back on the pre-2022 downforce so they can up the engine performance and compete for points.

What Aston Martin has done wasn’t the intention of the new regulations, which can be easily seen by how all the other teams have interpreted the rules. They have all dramatically simplified the intersection of the rear wing surface to the endplates. But as Aston Martin has proved, we all know intention and application are two very different things.

But will any team raise the issue of this in the briefing, we will have to see in due course of time but it is legal. The performance of the wing will be answered in qualifying today.

Hungarian Gp
The Before and After shots of Aston Martin End Plate in Hungarian Gp | Credits:

Either the stage is set for an Epic Duel between Ferrari and Redbull or both of them will tone down and play it safe as the rain plays spoilsport. We will have to wait and see as the action unfolds in the Hungarian Gp.


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