F1 Collectables – Jaxx’s Plan to Amp Young Fans!

F1 Collectables – Jaxx’s Plan to Amp Young Fans!

F1 has signed a Multi-year deal with Might Jaxx for the design and Manufacture of F1 Collectables. In this section, we look into the deal and the plan the studio and F1 has to amp up the young fan engagements.

F1 Collectables

F1 Collectables now are a big part of any sport or any brand merchandise. The market is now catered by F1 Authentics and direct teams but lacks collections, figurines and other items that catch the eye of young fans. Mighty Jaxx collaborators for DC Comis, Warner Brothers and many more important brands shipped close to 5 million pieces of collectables worldwide last year.

YARMS Studio Design who designs F1 2021 all-stars collectable will be involved in the designing of the F1 Collectables including metal versions, 3D printed special models, along with life-size editions of the top three drivers at the finish of the season.

Life-Size Editions you say, The fanboys are going to go crazy !!

F1 Collectables
Daniel Ricciardo as F1 Collectables in Might Jaxx Website

Fan Engagement

The initiative will also include a special form of fan engagement as the sport intends to engage the new generations of fans. Fans and collectors alike can play and engage during the F1 season, making correct race predictions to move up the global leader board.

Fans who purchase the driver F1 collectables will also be able to score more points for each new collectable they authenticate on the Mighty Jaxx app. At the end of the campaign, the top three players on the leader board will win exclusive signed F1 memorabilia, courtesy of Mighty Jaxx.

F1 will also see the use of NFT’s in F1 Memorabilia auctions and other items in the store. The owners of NFTs have full control over their digital, authenticated assets and they can choose if they want to trade it or hold it, or if they want to utilise its ability to take this type of asset and go to another type of digital environment and interact with it.

This adds an additional layer to the value of the item and their ownership of it as compared to only being able to interact with a physical F1 collectables only in the physical world.

Jackson Aw

Jackson Aw started Mighty Jaxx in 2012 with a $20,000 loan. Today, the design studio is a multi-million-dollar company. The Singapore-based studio works with artists as well as international brands such as DC Comics and New Balance to create F1 collectables sculptures.

“In our country, people are always dubious about a career in art,” said Aw. But he’s proving success is possible. Mighty Jaxx was named Brand of the Year in 2017 by the Designer Toy Awards. He has also been featured in the 30-Under-30 Forbes list.

This is the first time Formula 1 has appointed a globally exclusive licensing partner to curate a global fan experience campaign in this unique way, simultaneously across all 10 teams and 20 drivers. We share a common vision with Formula 1 of building a platform to better deliver uniquely personalised experiences through our phygital collectables to the fans and we can’t wait to introduce this new collecting experience to F1 fans around the world.

“Whether you’re a fan of teams like Ferrari, Mercedes, Red Bull or McLaren or are simply a fan of a particular driver, the Formula 1 community will have the opportunity to show support from the 2020-21 season, and for upcoming seasons, their favourite moments all in one collection. Our collective vision is to create a fun, phygital collecting experience that appeals to all fans regardless of whether they are diehard or casual Formula 1 fan and we can’t wait to introduce this to the world,”

Jackson Aw
IMG 83051
Jackson Aw and Mighty Jaxx | F1 Collectables