Aston and Mercedes, The Fierce competition for 2nd Place!

Aston and Mercedes, The Fierce competition for 2nd Place!

Without a doubt, one of the biggest stories of F1 2023 is the blistering pace of the Aston Martin. The Silverstone-based team came out of the shackles with the roar of a gladiator. But at almost halfway into F1 2023, where are Aston and Mercedes in the fight for the 2nd place in the constructor battle? This section looks into the team dynamics, upgrades, and many more.

Aston and Mercedes in Candian Gp.

Going into Canadian Gp 2023, Aston said it would crush the competition with the upgrades. they finished P2 for Alonso and P9 for Stroll. At the same time, Mercedes has only Lewis Hamilton at P3 after Russel binned it causing a DNF. The Advantage of Mercedes, at the moment, is that two drivers are capable of a podium.

But in the case of Lance Stroll and Alonso, Alonso is single-handedly dragging the team into the points. Though daddy stroll says Lance will be on par with Alonso by the end of the year, we will take that with a pinch of salt.

Upgrades for Silverstone

After the Big upgrades at the Canadian Gp for Aston, the Front wing end plates for the silver arrows and the Front wing end plate and rear corner upgrade for the green mean machine were reported for Silverstone. The FP1 saw P4 and P9 for the Aston and P12 and P14 for the Lewis and Russell respectively. While FP2 results were P6 for Lance, P10 for Aston after a reported problem, P12 for Russell, and P15 for Lewis Hamilton.

With just 3 points separating both teams, it’s imperative that both teams need a good weekend.

Have the upgrades worked?

The Brackley-based outfit had made much of a recovery after their upgrades in Monaco. However, the Austrian GP last week was rather disappointing for them.

Lewis Hamilton repeatedly talked about the car’s pace during the race on his radio. Lando Norris in the McLaren, meanwhile, was able to pose a challenge to the Briton and had an amazing race owing to his upgrades.

Speaking to Autosport, Wolff mentioned the development that Ferrari and McLaren had in Spielberg. He added that Mercedes is bringing upgrades to Silverstone too, and there could be more competition.

“What I hear is that Ferrari and McLaren had an upgrade (in Austria), and that could be one of the explanations. But we’re bringing one next week (at Silverstone).”

Toto Wolff

Preparing for the Competition Ahead

Heading into the Silverstone, Mercedes F1 is not assuming they will be fighting Red Bull directly. Instead, they anticipate being alongside Ferrari, Aston Martin, and possibly even Alpine. As the season progresses, the team’s ability to adapt and optimize their car’s performance on various circuits will be crucial in determining their success in the battle for supremacy.


Both Teams have entered an exciting new phase, with significant updates to their race cars and renewed optimism for the challenges ahead.

However, the road ahead is long and full of uncertainties, as they must continue to optimize their car’s performance to suit different circuit characteristics and maintain their competitive edge. The passion and dedication of the team, combined with their relentless pursuit of excellence, will undoubtedly play a crucial role in their fight for P2 unless Ferrari does something extraordinary and catches up.


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